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Amazing Facts' Complete Classic Radio Series (MP3) by Joe CrewsAmazing Facts' Complete Classic Radio Series on MP3

Product Code: CD-CRMP3
ISBN: 9781580193566
Author: Joe Crews
Price: $32.95

Pseudology: The Art of Lying by Little Light StudiosThe entertainment industry has long stood as one of the most influential businesses on the planet.

Yet there is an overwhelming misconception that its content has no effect upon your life. Exactly h

Product Code: DV-PTAL
Author: Little Light Studios
Price: $14.95

NKJV Remnant Study Bible (Genuine Leather) by Remnant PublicationsMany study Bibles are available today. The new Remnant Study Bible, however, is unique in ways that set it apart from all others. For example, in the list below, youll notice that for the first time ever, this Bible combines special comments by E

Product Code: BK-RGL
ISBN: 9780718027339
Author: Remnant Publications
Price: $109.98

Media on the Brain by Scott RitsemaWe see it all around us. Hollywood, popular music, TV, video gaming, spectator sports, e-relationships, and pornography are saturating the lives of God's professed people. But what does the latest science say about the mind-altering effects of 21st centur

Product Code: DV-MB
Author: Scott Ritsema
Price: $49.95

Taken or Left? by Stephen Bohr                                                                       NEW! In Matthew 24, Jesus Christ reveals who the lost and the saved will be at the end of time. But what did He mean when He said that some would be taken and some would be left?

Product Code: BK-TOL
ISBN: 9781580192941
Author: Stephen Bohr
Price: $3.95

The Next Superpower by Mark FinleyMark Finley. Filled with colorful illustrations, this book on prophecy and last day events was designed to be shared with anyone looking for answers in these troubling times.

Product Code: BK-NS
ISBN: 9780828019187
Author: Mark Finley
Price: $9.98

A Trip Into The Supernatural by Roger Morneauby Roger Morneau.
The author of the best-selling Incredible Answers to Prayer tells the powerful story of his divine rescue from the terrifying and deadly world of Satanism!

Product Code: BK-TIS
ISBN: 9780828001380
Author: Roger Morneau
Price: $10.98

Exile of the Chosen: God's Heroes from Solomon to Malachi by Sally DillonMark, the celestial watcher, is quivering with excitement clear to his wingtips . . .

as he records the stories of children who live through the most thrilling moments of Old Testament history. Such as Jedediah, son of Ahab,

Product Code: AF-ETC
Author: Sally Dillon
Price: $10.99

David: A Heart Like His Vol.1 of 3 by Larry LichtenwalterHe Was the Runt of the Family, Kept With the Sheep

But God saw something special in David when nobody else did, and called him to the throne. He was a shepherd. Military hero. Outlaw. King. Adulterer. Murderer. Penitent father.

Product Code: AF-DYS
Author: Larry Lichtenwalter
Price: $4.99

David: Faith on the Run Vol.2 of 3 by Larry LichtenwalterNothing beats the thrill of the chase--unless you're the prey!

Like David. Outlaw. Cave man. Guerrilla. So how does the hero behave under pressure?

The subject of this second volume on the life of David is his fugitive years, when his

Product Code: AF-DFY
Author: Larry Lichtenwalter
Price: $4.99

David: Dancing Like a King Vol.3 of 3 by Larry LichtenwalterHe can kill giants. Capture fortresses. But can he subdue self? At last David is king.
He can defeat the Philistines. But can he resist a beautiful woman?

People of passion reach for God, burn for God. They kindle an answer

Product Code: AF-DRY
Author: Larry Lichtenwalter
Price: $4.99

Radical Protection by Derek MorrisAre you aware that a great cosmic battle is being fought over your soul? While the attacks from the enemy can be subtle, the results can be disastrous if you are not properly armed.

Discover the reality of the conflict and how to embrace the ess

Product Code: AF-RP
Author: Derek Morris
Price: $4.99

The New Life Challenge Cookbook by Patricia GilbertAre you ready to take the challenge?

Often it is a close friend who helps to make life a little easier; the person who knows all about us but faithfully labors to help us see the be

Product Code: AF-NLCC
Author: Patricia Gilbert
Price: $9.99

The Bible on Marriage, Divorce and Re-Marriage by Doug BatchelorMarriage is under attack! ... of course, this might be a shock to you if you weren't living in a culture in which 40% of people think marriage is a useless traditioneven with all the evidence that broken families are ravaged financially, physically, and e

Product Code: AF-MDR
ISBN: 9781580193788
Author: Doug Batchelor
Price: $5.95

What Is God Like? by Beverly LewisBefore a father departs for his longest business trip yet, he encourages his children to remember that, "Even when I'm not here, God is always with you." After he leaves, the boy and his little sister spend a fun-filled day and star-filled night rememberi

Product Code: BK-WGL
ISBN: 9780764204661
Author: Beverly Lewis
Price: $15.98