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Dare to Follow: Your Ultimate PurposeThe goal of this book is simple:
to provide you useful answers to your biggest questions about life and about God, answers that will help you make the most important decisions in your lifeabout money, church, care

Product Code: AF-DTF
ISBN: 9781580195102
Price: $4.95

NKJV The Simply Charming Bible by Thomas NelsonThis New King James Version Bible is a simply charming gift for girls young and old.

Sure to delight the lucky girl who receives it, this beautifully bound New King James Version Bible creates an exquisite gi

Product Code: BK-SCB
ISBN: 9781400323630
Author: Thomas Nelson
Price: $26.95

From Plant to Plate by Tami BivensOur newest, most popular healthy living resources are featured in this wonderful collection of cookbooks that promote healthy eating without sacrificing taste.

Featuring the brand-new Too Few Cooks in the

Product Code: BK-FPTP
ISBN: 9780989557504
Author: Tami Bivens
Price: $19.95

Aim High by Terry JohnssonBetter than Forrest Gump. More real than Gomer Pyle. Meet Terry Johnsson.

I stood in silence, looking at the flag-covered casket of our fortieth president, Ronald Reagan. I recalled that only a few years earlier I had stood in the same place as a

Product Code: AF-AI
Author: Terry Johnsson
Price: $3.99

The Last Train Out by Wellesley MuirThe incredible story of a missionary whom God used to change countless lives in Germany, the USA, and the jungles of South America. Read how God prepared a wandering stranger to live an extraordinary life.

Product Code: BK-LTO
ISBN: 9781580191999
Author: Wellesley Muir
Price: $13.95

The Abomination of Desolation (PB) by Gary Gibbs                                                     Gary Gibbs. Illuminates one of the most obscure Bible prophecies, Matthew 24:15. (30 pages)

Product Code: BK-AOD
ISBN: 9781580190152
Author: Gary Gibbs
Price: $1.25

The Next Superpower by Mark FinleyMark Finley. Filled with colorful illustrations, this book on prophecy and last day events was designed to be shared with anyone looking for answers in these troubling times.

Product Code: BK-NS
ISBN: 9780828019187
Author: Mark Finley
Price: $9.98

Metamorphosis: The Beauty and Design of Butterfiles by Alvin Chea
Throughout history, butterflies have fascinated artists and philosophers, scientists and school-children with their profound mystery and beauty. In Metamorphosis you will explore their remarkable world as few ever have before.
Product Code: DV-MET
ISBN: 804671031598
Author: Alvin Chea
Price: $21.98

Esther: A Story of Courage by Trudy Morgan-Cole"I really have no choice, do I?" Hadassah said.

"Of course you have a choice, Hadassah. We always have choices. You have no choice about obeying the king's order and going to the harem. But you can choose the sp

Product Code: AF-ESC
Author: Trudy Morgan-Cole
Price: $21.99

Will My Pet Go to Heaven? by Steve Wohlberg                                                          Steve Wohlberg. Steve and his wife helplessly watched their tiny dog get hit by a car. In the painful days that followed their beloved pet's death, Steve was led to ponder: Will we see him again? He searched the Bible for an answer. You'll be amazed at wh

Product Code: BK-WMPG
ISBN: 9781580192002
Author: Steve Wohlberg
Price: $10.95

Telling Each Other the Truth by William BackusThis practical guide will be invaluable in every relationship in life - especially those that don't come easy. Putting into practice the time- tested principles within this book will enable you to interact with other people.

Product Code: BK-TEOT
ISBN: 9780764201578
Author: William Backus
Price: $16.98

Praying Like Crazy for Your Kids by Tamyra HorstOur heavenly Father knows all about our family situations and wants us to partner with Him in shaping the lives of our children, not just for a long, meaningful life on earth, but also for eternity in the new earth. 

This beauti

Product Code: BK-PLCK
ISBN: 9780816323456
Author: Tamyra Horst
Price: $13.98

Joe Crews Classic Radio Sermons (10 CD) by Joe CrewsJoe Crews, the speaker and director of Amazing Facts for nearly 30 years, was a dynamic radio and TV personality. His powerful and straightforward sermons set the pace for other media-based ministries. Now you can enjoy listening to Pastor Crews in this

Product Code: CD-CRS
Author: Joe Crews
Price: $59.95

The Power of a Positive No! by Joe CrewsHoliness is not a passive transaction in which we sit back and allow God to separate us from sin. Rather, obedience should be an active part of a strong and living faith in Christ.

Unfortunately, especially in this day and age, sins of the flesh

Product Code: CD-POPN
ISBN: 9781580193023
Author: Joe Crews
Price: $10.98

NKJV Bible (Paperback)Get God's Word more affordably and in a package that's easier to carry around. A great sharing Bible that people will love. Paperback Bible by Thomas Nelson.

Product Code: BK-NKJPB
ISBN: 9781563204876
Price: $4.98